Research presentations
Number of the published data : 22
No. Subject of presentation Conference title (Medium,e.g. presentation pamphlet) Presentation date
1 How to attract international tourists to Japanese rural area: - Lessons learned from SANPO-YOSHI, an old Japanese CSR philosophy -
Japan Section RSAI 55th Annual Meeting in Kurume University
2 Flood Disaster Wastes and Rural Electrification: A Case Study on Solar Panel and Acid Battery risks in Abidjan, Cote d’Ivore
Japan Society for International Development (JASID) Spring Conference
3 Challenges of Local Government Revitalization by newly founded remains of an ancient city: -A Case Study on Shigarakinomiya, Koka City, Shiga Prefecture, Japan -
JASID 2018 at Tsykuba University
4 How artificial intelligence could transform Japanese local government A Comparative study on Aging Society between Japan, Thailand and the UK
JASID at Toyo University
5 Challenges on Artificial Intelligence of Local Governments for Globalization on Local Economy – A comparative study between Thailand and Japan –
6 Cycle Cultural Tourism as a Regional Development Policy for All” - A Comparative Study on Cycle tourism between Japan and Thailand
25th Pacific Conference of the RSAI in Tainan, TAIWAN
7 Aging Society and Regional Economic Development A Case study in the Northeast District in The Kingdom of Thailand
JASID in Hiroshima University
8 A Case Study on The Simple Floods Observation and Mapping System by Smartphones
16th World Lake Conference
9 A Comparative Study on Flood Management and Local Government Role between Japan and the Philippines – A Case study on Shiga Prefecture and Laguna Province –
Japan Section RSAI 52nd Annual Meeting in Niigata University
10 Community Based Waste Management and Flood Risk Mitigation: A Case Study on Northeast Thailand and Central Lao PDR
11 Flood Risk Management and Community Empowerment Challenges on the Local Waste Management in the Philippines
Japan Section RSAI 51st Annual Meeting in Okayama University
12 Hints of the Risk Managements by Nanosatellite from the world
Asia Resilience Forum
13 Adaptability of image Information for Floods Management in the Philippines: Case studies between Urban and Rural area for the Laguna Lake Basin in the Philippines
14 Independent Simple Flood Warning System for Developing Coutries;A Comparative Case Study between Nagaoka, Japan and Manila, the Philippines
JASID (Japan Society for International Development)
15 Enhancing Resiliency through Community Participatory Flood Observation System - Japanese flood monitoring experiences for the Philippines –
RIHN-LAKEHEAD COMMUNITY FORUM 2013 Yaman ng Lawa: Adaptive Co-Management for Sustainable Use of the Wealth of Laguna Lake
16 Achieving Natural Disaster Business Success by Developing Client and community: Lessons from Local Leading Companies in Nagaoka City, Nigata, Japan
Japan Section RSAI
17 ベトナムの衛星情報の活用がもたらす防災イノベーション ー防災ビジネスによる地域経済の活性化ー
18 A Comparative study for Risk Management and Safety Science for Industrialization between Thailand and Vietnam - Lessons learned from the recent flood disaster –
Japan Society for International Development
19 Environmental Risk Management on Food and Health Security - A case study Laguna Lake Watersheds in the Philippines -
The Japan Society for International Development
20 Challenge of increasing demands for Halal foods in Japan -Internationalization of Japanese food culture by introducing Halal Science
The Japan Society for International Development
21 JICA's Rural Development and One Village One Product (OVOP) Movement -How could we transfer Japanese and Korean experiences to the world?-
The Japan Society for International Development
22 Thai OTOP as a rural innovation system for sustainable development” -Implications from Northeast Thailand –
The Japan Society for International Development