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No. Title of presented paper Author's name etc. Journal name Volume/issue,page Date of Publication ISSN DOI URL
1 Integration and implementation of sustainable ICT-based education in developing countries: low-cost, en masse methodology in Kenya
Tabira Yoshihiro, Otieno Francis Xavier
Springer: Sustainability Science
12/ March 2017

2 Japan’s Technology Management and the move to restructure the innovation system in changing business environment
Otieno Francis
Chinese Management Science Society: International Conference in Chines Management
October 2016

3 途上国における技術普及プロセス、 ケニアにおけるICTを活用した教育の実践的研究-
Tabira Yoshihiro, Otieno Francis
PICMET ’14 (2014) Kanazawa Japan
July 2014

4 The Mediating Role of Social Capital on University Spin-Off Performance. Lessons from Regional Universities in Japan
Otieno Francis Xavier
Ritsumeikan University Online Thesis Publication No. 915


5 The role of Social Capital in promoting university centered innovation in Japan
Otieno Francis Xavier
Inderscience: International Journal of Business and Systems Research
8/ 2/2014, 130-144