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1992/01  University of Vienna  Translation and Interpreting Studies  Humanities  卒業
2003/08  University of Arizona  College of Education  Language, Reading and Culture  博士課程  修了
MA in Translation & Interpreting (1992/01 University of Vienna)   PhD in Education (2003/08 University of Arizona)  
1988/09/01-1989/06/30  Napier Polytechnic, Department of Foreign Languages/Foreign Language Teaching Assistant
1992/08/24-1993/05/14  Utica College, School of Arts & Sciences/Fulbright Teaching Assistant
1993/11/01-1994/04/30  Verbund Power, Department of International Relations/Translator & Interpreter
1994/09/01-1995/06/30  Precarpathian University, Department of German Philology/Visiting Lecturer
1995/09/01-1996/06/30  L'viv State University, Department of German Philology/Visiting Lecturer
1997/08/25-2001/12/14  University of Arizona, Department of German Studies, Department of Spanish/Graduate Associate in Teaching
2002/10/01-2006/06/30  Universidad Europea de Madrid, Department of Translation and Interpreting Studies/Associate Professor
2006/09/01-2011/06/30  Shantou University, English Language Center/Associate Professor, Assistant Director, Executive Director (2008-2011)
2012/04/01-2015/03/31  Ritsumeikan University, Faculty of Policy Science/Lecturer
2012/04/01-2015/03/31  Kyoto Sangyo University, General Education/Lecturer
2013/04/01-2015/03/31  Doshisha University, Faculty of Global and Regional Studies/Lecturer
2015/04/01-  Ritsumeikan University, Faculty of International Relations/Associate Professor
2015/04-  Ritsumeikan University  University-wide English committee
Austrian Association of Teachers of German as a Foreign Language (OeDaF)  
American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL)  
American Association of the Teachers of German (AATG)  
Modern Language Association (MLA)  
Association of Language Awareness (ALA)  
Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL)  
International Association of World Englishes (IAWE)  
International Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language (IATEFL)  
International Gender and Language Association (IGALA)  
Japan Association of College English Teachers (JACET)  
Japan Association for Language Teaching (JALT)  
Cambridge Examination for English Language Teachers  (1989)    OSD Examiner (CEFR A1-C2)  (2002)    Goethe Examiner (CEFR A1-C2)  (2012)   
English Lingua Franca in a Post-nativespeakerist Framework
Multilingual Multicultural Communities of Practice
Applied research for teachers, administrators, textbook publishers and other educational professionals

 Research can be categorized in different ways, according to disciplines, whether it is basic or applied research, quantitative, qualitative or multimethod, to name just a few. My main goal in research is to relate it to everyday practice in education and to make it meaningful to people in other disciplines or other parts of the world as well. That is why I am trying to involve different stakeholders like students, teachers, administrators or potential employers, colleagues from different disciplines, institutions or geographic locations and research methods that provide multiple perspectives on any issue. For the same reason, I like to attend a variety of scholarly meetings, from teacher conferences to applied linguistics symposia, big international venues to smaller regional events. They help me put my work into perspective.

One language policy issue I have been interested in for a while is the kind of English we teach and we want our students to learn. While many institutions still hire their teachers based on their nativeness or perceived function in either providing a model and input or explaining the workings of the language in the students' mother tongue, international communication has changed in the age of globalization. With the rise of English as a de facto lingua franca, intercultural communication in English between non-native speakers is the scenario students will be facing in their future lives. A comparative study of Japanese and Chinese teachers' and students' awareness of and attitudes toward different kinds of Englishes, as well as a multi-country comparison of language directors' hiring practices I conducted, presented and published have hopefully contributed to illustrating some aspects of this issue.

One pedagogical issue I have been grappling with is how to improve teacher-student communication. Traditionally, student evaluations are conducted in the last few weeks of class, which might be helpful for general planning of future classes but not for the specific set of students. From my longitudinal pre-mid-post designs, from skill questionnaires to writing assignments to student self-assessment, I have been able to identify and address issues from the beginning which have then led to higher self-ratings and performance of students in the end. Similarly, the use of task-specific rubrics to clarify learning objectives and guide the students in the assignment has created a transparent framework for grading practices and virtually zero complaints on the part of students.

Finally, a program issue that comes along with internationalization - English Medium Universities, Content-Based Instruction and/or English for Specific Purposes - is the question of how to tailor the language curriculum to different disciplines or how to help students learn their major through English. While developing ESP modules for law, business, art and journalism in China, I was able to understand the process better through student surveys and interviews, teacher interviews and classroom observation. In my current teaching and reseach context, I have the chance to observe a curriculum reform project from day one. I hope my findings can contribute to making the process more transparent, meaningful and effective for all stakeholders involved.
intercultural communication, comparative education, language pedagogy, English Lingua Franca, multilingualism, language awareness, learner autonomy, curriculum development, testing and evaluation, critical discourse analysis 
■研究業績一覧  (上位3件までを表示します。一覧表示では、公開対象の全件を表示します。)

Going beyond native-speakerism: Theory and practice from an international perspective  Springer Publishing  149-168  2018/01  978-981-10-7162-1
ELF in independent learning: Lessons from an international blog project  Lee, J. & Kunschak, C.  Deree  227-233  2016/11  978-6-1881-8030-7
Transnational, transcultural, translingual communities of practice in flux  John Benjamins  287-305  2015/07  978-9-0272-1044-9

Multiple uses of anti-plagiarism software  Claudia Kunschak  Asian Journal of Applied Linguistics  5/ 1, 60-69  2018/04  2308-6262
Textual practices in the digital age  Journal of English as a Lingua Franca  4/ 2, 377-380  2015
Team-teaching and interdisciplinary collaboration in EAP and ESP  Claudia Kunschak  IATEFL 2011 Brighton Conference Selections  183-185  2011

Translingual transcultural competence from multiple perspectives  The Seventh International Conference on the Development and Assessment of Intercultural Competence (ICC)  2020/01/24
Chasing the testing unicorn - A case study  New Directions 2019  2019/12/09
Language and mobility: Multilingual identities and transcultural competence  ALAA/ALANZ/ALTAANZ 2019 - Applied Linguistics and Language Teaching: Making Connections  2019/11/26

World Music Jazz Concert with Klaus Paier & Asja Valcic  Doshisha University Chapel  2014/04/20-2014/10/15
Guest lecture by renowned radio journalist and book author Judith Brandner  How to do successful research interviews  2014/03/03-2014/06/24
Greenland - Public reading by Austro-Korean author Anna Kim  Reading and discussion of recent work by the author at Villa Kamogawa  2013/01/23-2013/10/12


ESP for law, business, journalism (curriculum development)  2009/12-2011/12  受託加工・分析  分担
ELECTRA (web component for legal translation)  2005/06-2006/06  受託加工・分析  分担
BADACAM (multilingual database on audiovisual terms)  2003/02-2005/01  受託加工・分析  分担

Shantou University  Teaching Service Award  2010/12
Universidad Europea de Madrid  Innovation in Teaching Award  2006/02
Austrian-American Educational Commission  Fulbright Award  1996/05
■教育業績一覧  (上位3件までを表示します。一覧表示では、公開対象の全件を表示します)

2017  IR-BAR104 英語Ⅳ  演習
2017  Academic Writing (E)Ⅱ  講義
2017  IR-BAS102 Academic English Ⅱ  講義

Main suite curriculum development (5 levels)  2010/10-2011/06
Curricula and textbooks: Desirability, feasibility and change (Invited guest lecture for professional development at Hong Kong Baptist University)  2010/10-2010/10
ESP curriculum development in business, law, journalism  2009-2011
Looking for collaborators
 My research interests include intercultural communication, language pedagogy and comparative education. Some current projects focus on English as a Lingua Franca in international communication, language, culture and identity in transnational communities and language policy and practice in tertiary education. I subscribe to a transdisciplinary multi-method approach including discourse analysis, surveys, interviews and focus groups, and like to participate in multi-site collaborative action-research projects involving multiple stakeholders. If you are interested in collaborating on a project in any of those areas - more details can be found in the research summary section - please contact me so we can discuss possible joint agendas.