No. 発表論文の標題 著者名等 掲載誌名 巻/号,頁 出版年月 ISSN DOI URL
1 Identification of endogenous small peptides involved in rice immunity through transcriptomics- and proteomics-based screening.
Wang P., Yao S., Kosami K., Guo T., Li J., Zhang Y., Fukao Y., Kaneko-Kawano T., Zhang H., She Y., Wang P., Xing W., Hanada K., Liu R. and Kawano Y.
Plant Biotechnol. J.
in press

2 Involvement of the membrane-localized ubiquitin ligase ATL8 in sugar starvation response in Arabidopsis.
Luo Y., Aoyama S., Fukao Y., Sato T. and Yamaguchi J.
Plant Biotech.
in press

3 Comprehensive nuclear proteome of Arabidopsis obtained by sequential extraction.
Goto C, Hashizume S., Fukao Y. and Hara-Nishimura I. and Tamura K.
10/ 1, 81-92

4 Arabidopsis Bax inhibitor-1 interacts with enzymes related to very-long-chain fatty acid synthesis.
Nagano M., Kurata C., Fukao Y. Fujiwara M., Uchimiya H. and Kawai-Yamada M.
J. Plant Res.
132/ 1, 131-143

5 ANGUSTIFOLIA Regulates Actin Filament Alignment for Nuclear Positioning in Arabidopsis Leaves
Iwabuchi K., Ohnishi H., Tamura K., Fukao Y., Furuya T., Hattori K., Tsukaya H. and Hara-Nishimura I.
Plant Physiol.
179/ 1, 233-247

6 Proteasomal degradation of BRAHMA promotes Boron tolerance in Arabidopsis.
SakamotoT., Tsujimoto-Inui Y., Sotta N., Hirakawa T., Matsunaga T., Fukao Y., Matsunaga S. and Fujiwara T.
Nature Commun
9, 5285

7 Stepwise evolution of supercomplex formation with photosystem I is required for stabilization of chloroplast NADH dehydrogenase-like complex: Lhca5-dependent supercomplex formation in Physcomitrella patens.
Kato Y., Odahara, M., Fukao Y. and Shikanai T.
Plant J.
96/ 5, 937-948


8 AtPep3 is a hormone-like peptide that plays a role in the salinity stress tolerance of plants
Nakaminami K., Okamoto M., Higuchi-Takeuchi M., Yoshizumi T., Yamaguchi Y., Fukao Y., Shimizu M., Ohashi C., Tanaka M., Matsui M., Shinozaki K., Seki M. and Hanada K.
Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA
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9 Proteomic analysis of xylem vessel cell differentiation in VND7-inducible tobacco BY-2 cells by two-dimensional gel electrophoresis
Noguchi M., Fujiwara M., Sano R., Nakano Y., Fukao Y., Ohtani M. and Demura T.
Plant Biotech.
35/ 1, 31-37

10 BPM-CUL3 E3 ligase modulates thermotolerance by facilitating negative regulatory domain-mediated degradation of DREB2A in Arabidopsis
Morimoto K, Ohama N, Kidokoro S, Mizoi J, Takahashi F, Todaka D, Mogami J, Sato H, Qin F, Kim JS, Fukao Y, Fujiwara M, Shinozaki K, Yamaguchi-Shinozaki K.
Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA
114/ 40, E8528-E8536

11 Arabidopsis R1R2R3-Myb proteins are essential for inhibiting cell division in response to DNA damage
Chen P., Takatsuka H., Takahashi N., Kurata R., Fukao Y., Kobayashi K., Ito M. and Umeda M.
Nature Commun
8, 635

12 Chloroplastic ATP synthase builds up proton motive force for preventing reactive oxygen species production in photosystem I.
Takagi D., Amako K., Hashiguchi M., Fukaki H., Ishizaki K., Goh T., Fukao Y., Sano R., Kurata T., Demura T., Sawa S., Miyake C.
Plant J.
91/ 2, 306-324


13 Nup82 functions redundantly with Nup136 in a salicylic acid-dependent defense response of Arabidopsis thaliana.
Tamura K., Fukao Y., Hatsugai N., Katagiri F. and Hara-Nishimura I.
8/ 3, 301-311

14 The CERK1-associated kinase PBL27 mediates 1 chitin-triggered MAPK activation in Arabidopsis.
Yamada K., Yamaguchi K., Shirakawa T., Nakagami H., Mine A., Ishikawa K., Fujiwara M., Narusaka M., Narusaka Y., Ichimura K., Kobayashi Y., Matsui H., Nomura Y., Nomoto M., Tada Y., Fukao Y., Fukumizo T., Tsuda K., Shirasu K, Shibuya N and Kawasaki T.
35/ 22, 2468-2483

15 Grana-localized Proteins, RIQ1 and RIQ2, Affect the Dynamics of Light-harvesting Complex II and Grana Stacking in Arabidopsis.
Yokoyama R., Yamamoto H., Kondo M., Takeda S., Ifuku K., Fukao Y., Kamei Y., Nishimura M. and Shikanai T.
Plant Cell
28/ 9, 2261-2275


16 CHLORORESPIRATORY REDUCTION 9 Is a Novel Factor Required for Formation of Subcomplex A of the Chloroplast NADH Dehydrogenase-like Complex.
Yamamoto H., Fan X., Sugimoto K., Fukao Y., Peng L. and Shikanai T.
Plant Cell Physiol.
57/ 10, 2122-2132


17 Plasma membrane microdomains are essential for OsRac1-OsRbohB/H-mediated immunity in rice.
Nagano M., Ishikawa T., Fujiwara M., Fukao Y., Kawano Y., Kawai-Yamada M. and Shimamoto K.
Plant Cell
28/ 8, 1966-1983

doi: 10.1105/tpc.16.00201.

18 Characterization of ubiquitin ligase SlATL31 and proteomic analysis of 14-3-3 targets in tomato fruit tissue (Solanum lycopersicum L.).
Lu Y., Yasuda S., Li X., Fukao Y., Tohge T., Fernie A.R., Matsukura C., Ezura H., Sato T. and Yamaguchi J.
J. Proteomics
143/ 3, 254-264

doi: 10.1016/j.jprot.2016.04.016.

19 TWISTED DWARF1 mediates the action of auxin transport inhibitors on actin cytoskeleton dynamics.
Zhu J., Bailly A., Zwiewka M., Sovero V., Di Donato M.,Ge P., Oehri J., Aryal B., Hao P., Linnert M., Inés Burgardt N., Lücke C., Weiwad M., Michel M., Weiergräber O.H., Pollmann S., Azzarello E., Mancuso S., Ferro N., Fukao Y., Hoffmann C., Wedlich-Söldner R., Friml J., Thomas C. and Geisler M.
Plant Cell
28/ 4, 930-948

doi: 10.1105/tpc.15.00726.

20 Quantitative proteomics based reconstruction and identification of metabolic pathways and membrane transport proteins related to sugar accumulation in developing fruits of Pear (Pyrus communes).
Reuscher S., Fukao Y., Morimoto R., Otagaki S., Oikawa A., Isuzugawa K. and Shiratake K.
Plant Cell Physiol.
57/ 3, 505-518

doi: 10.1093/pcp/pcw004.

21 Phosphorylation of the C-terminus of RHD3 has a critical role in homotypic ER membrane fusion in Arabidopsis
Ueda H., Yokota E., Kuwata K., Kutsuna N., Mano S., Shimada T., Tamura K., Stefano G., Fukao Y., Brandizzi F., Shimmen T., Nishimura M. and Hara-Nishimura I.
Plant Physiol.
170/ 2, 867-880

22 Quantitative proteomic analysis of the response to zinc, magnesium, and calcium deficiency in specific cell types of Arabidopsis roots
Fukao Y., Kobayashi M., Zargar SM., Kurata R., Fukui R. Mori CI. and Ogata Y.
4/ 1, 1-13

23 Proteomic analysis of lipid body from the alkenone-producing marine haptophyte alga Tisochrysis lutea.
Shi Q, Araie H, Bakku RK, Fukao Y, Rakwal R, Suzuki I and Shiraiwa Y.
15/ 23-24, 4145-4158


24 Eukaryotic components remodeled chloroplast nucleoid organization during the green plant evolution.
Kobayashi Y., Takusagawa M., Harada N., Fukao Y., Yamaoka S., Kohchi T., Hori K., Ohta H., Shikanai T. and Nishimura Y.
Genome Biol Evol.
8/ 1, 1-16

25 The Adaptor Complex AP-4 Regulates Vacuolar Protein Sorting at trans-Golgi Network by Interacting with VACUOLAR SORTING RECEPTOR 1.
Fuji K., Shirakawa M., Shimono Y., Kunieda T., Fukao Y., Koumoto Y., Takahashi H., Hara-Nishimura I. and Shimada T.
Plant Physiol.
170/ 1, 211-219

26 Identification of putative target genes of bZIP19, a transcription factor essential for Arabidopsis adaptation to Zn deficiency in roots.
Inaba S, Kurata R, Kobayashi M, Yamagishi Y, Mori I, Ogata Y and Fukao Y.
Plant J.
84/ 2, 323-334


27 Plastid Proteomic Analysis in Tomato Fruit Development.
Suzuki M., Takahashi S., Kondo T., Dohra H., Ito Y., Kiriiwa Y., Hayashi M., Kamiya S., Kato M., Fujiwara M., Fukao Y., Kobayashi M., Nagata N. and Motohashi R.
PLoS One
10/ 9, e0137266


28 miR-199a links MeCP2 with mTOR signaling and its dysregulation causes Rett syndrome phenotypes.
Tsujimura K, Irie K, Nakashima H, Egashira Y, Fukao Y, Fujiwara M, Itoh M, Uesaka M, Imamura T, Nakahata Y, Yamashita Y, Abe T, Takamori S and Nakashima K.
Cell Rep.
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29 Quantitative proteomics reveals role of sugar in decreasing photosynthetic activity due to Fe deficiency.
Zargar SM., Agrawal GK., Rakwal R. and Fukao Y.
Front. Plant Sci.
6, 592


30 Immature seed endosperm and embryo proteomics of the lotus (Nelumbo nucifera Gaertn.) by one-dimensional gel-based tandem mass spectrometry and a comparison with the mature endosperm proteome.
Moro C.F., Fukao Y., Shibato J., Rakwal R., Agrawal GK., Shioda S., Kouzuma Y. and Yonekura M.
3/ 3, 184-235

31 Discordance between protein and transcript levels detected by selected reaction monitoring.
Fukao Y.
Plant Signal Behav.
10/ 5, e1017697


32 Unraveling the seed endosperm proteome of the lotus (Nelumbo nucifera Gaernt.) utilizing 1DE and 2DE separation in conjunction with tandem mass spectrometry.
Moro CF, Fukao Y, Shibato J, Rakwal R, Timperio AM, Zolla L, Agrawal GK, Shioda S, Kouzuma Y. and Yonekura M.
15/ 10, 1717-1735


33 Quantitative proteomics of Arabidopsis shoot microsomal proteins reveals a cross-talk between excess zinc and iron deficiency.
Zargar SM, Kurata R, Inaba S, Oikawa A, Fukui R, Ogata Y, Agrawal GK. Rakwal R and Fukao Y.
15/ 7, 1196-1201


34 Correlation analysis of proteins responsive to Zn, Mn, or Fe deficiency in Arabidopsis roots based on iTRAQ analysis.
Zargar SM., Fujiwara M., Inaba S., Kobayashi M., Kurata R., Ogata Y. and Fukao Y.
Plant Cell Rep.
34/ 1, 157-166


35 Arabidopsis dynamin-related proteins, DRP2A and DRP2B, function coordinately in post-Golgi trafficking.
Huang J., Fujimoto M., Fujiwara M., Fukao Y., Arimura S. and Tsutsumi N.
Biochem. Biophys. Res. Commun.
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36 Cross-Linking Evidence for Multiple Interactions of the PsbP and PsbQ Proteins in a Higher Plant Photosystem II Supercomplex.
Ido K., Nield J., Fukao Y, Nishimura T., Sato F. and Ifuku K.
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37 Proteomic analysis of 26S proteasome reveals direct interaction with transit peptides of plastid protein precursors for degradation.
Sako K., Yanagawa Y., Kanai T., Sato T., Seki M., Fujiwara M., Fukao Y. and Yamaguchi J.
J. Proteome Res.
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38 Ubiquitin-proteasome–mediated degradation of S-RNase in a solanaceous cross-compatibility reaction
Entani T., Kubo K., Isogai S., Fukao Y, Shirakawa M., Isogai A. and Takayama S.
Plant J.
78/ 6, 1014-1021


39 The Novel Nuclear Envelope Protein KAKU4 Modulates Nuclear Morphology in Arabidopsis thaliana.
Goto C., Tamura K., Fukao Y, Shimada T. and Hara-Nishimura I.
Plant Cell
26/ 5, 2143-2155


40 Phosphorylation of Arabidopsis Ubiquitin Ligase ATL31 Is Critical for Plant C/N-nutrient Response and Controls the Stability of 14-3-3 Proteins
Yasuda S., Sato T., Maekawa S., Aoyama S., Fukao Y and Yamaguchi J.
J. Biol. Chem.
289/ 22, 15179-15193


41 Interactomics of Qa-SNARE in Arabidopsis thaliana.
Fujiwara M., Uemura T., Ebine K., Nishimori Y., Ueda T., Nakano A., Sato MH. and Fukao Y.
Plant Cell Physiol.
55/ 4, 781-789


42 Characteristics of a root hair-less line of Arabidopsis thaliana under physiological stresses.
Tanaka N., Kato M., Tomioka R., Kurata R., Fukao Y, Aoyama T. and Maeshima M
J. Exp. Bot.
65/ 6, 1497-1512


43 The C/N regulator ATL31 controls papilla formation in response to powdery mildew fungi penetration by interacting with SNARE SYP121 in Arabidopsis.
Maekawa S., Inada N., Yasuda S., Fukao Y, Fujiwara M., Sato T. and Yamaguchi J.
Plant Physiol.
164/ 2, 879-887


44 Leaf oil body functions as a subcellular factory for the production of a phytoalexin in Arabidopsis thaliana.
Shimada TL., Takano Y., Shimada T., Fujiwara M., Fukao Y, Mori M., Okazaki Y., Saito K,, Sasaki R., Aoki K. and Hara-Nishimura I.
Plant Physiol.
164/ 1, 105-118


45 Purification and characterization of novel microtubule-associated proteins from Arabidopsis cell suspension cultures.
Hamada T., Nagasaki-Tekeuchi N., Kato T., Fujiwara M., Sonobe S., Fukao Y and Hashimoto T
Plant Physiol.
163/ 4, 1804-1816


46 SUPPRESSOR OF LLP1 1-mediated C-terminal processing is critical for CLE19 peptide activity.
Tamaki T, Betsuyaku S, Fujiwara M, Fukao Y, Fukuda H and Sawa S.
Plant J.
76/ 6, 970-981


47 MAIGO5 Functions in Protein Export from Golgi-Associated Endoplasmic Reticulum Exit Sites in Arabidopsis.
Takagi J, Renna L, Takahashi H, Koumoto Y, Tamura K, Stefano G, Fukao Y, Kondo M, Nishimura M, Shimada T, Brandizzi F and Hara-Nishimura I.
Plant Cell
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48 INPPO Actions and Recognition as a Driving Force for Progress in Plant Proteomics: Change of Guard, INPPO Update, and Upcoming Activities.
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13/ 21, 3093-3100


49 Proteomics analysis reveals a highly heterogenous proteasome composition and the post-translational regulation of peptidase activity under pathogen signaling in plants.
Sun H.H., Fukao Y, Ishida S., Yamamoto H., Maekawa S., Fujiwara M., Sato T. and Yamaguchi J.
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50 Unraveling the iron deficiency responsive proteome in Arabidopsis shoot by iTRAQ-OFFGEL approach.
Zargar SM., Kurata R., Inaba S. and Fukao Y.
Plant Signal Behav.
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51 Studies on vacuolar membrane microdomains isolated from Arabidopsis suspension-cultured cells: Local distribution of vacuolar membrane proteins.
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52 Myosin XI-i links the nuclear membrane to the cytoskeleton to control nuclear movement and shape in Arabidopsis thaliana.
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53 Identification and dynamics of Arabidopsis AP-2 complex and its involvement in floral organ development.
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Plant Cell
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54 The AP-1 μ adaptin is required for KNOLLE localization at the cell plate to mediate cytokinesis in Arabidopsis.
Teh OK., Shimono Y., Shirakawa M., Fukao Y., Tamura K., Shimada T. and Hara-Nishimura I.
Plant Cell Physiol.
54/ 6, 838-847


55 Potential involvement of N-terminal acetylation in the quantitative regulation of the ε subunit of chloroplast ATP synthase under drought stress.
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57 Proteomic Analysis Reveals that the Rab GTPase RabE1c is involved in the degradation of the peroxisomal protein receptor PEROXIN 7.
Cui S, Fukao Y., Mano S, Yamada K., Hayashi M. and Nishimura M.
J. Biol. Chem.
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58 ERMO3/MVP1/GOLD36 is involved in a cell type-specific mechanism for maintaining ER morphology in Arabidopsis thaliana.
Nakano R.T., Matsushima R., Nagano A.J., Fukao Y., Fujiwara M., Kondo M., Nishimura M. and Hara-Nishimura I.
PLoS One
7/ 11, e49103


59 SMALL ACIDIC PROTEIN 1 acts with RUB modification components, the COP9 signalosome and AXR1, to regulate growth and development of Arabidopsis thaliana.
Nakasone A, Fujiwara M, Fukao Y, Biswas, KK, Kawai-Yamada M, Narumi I, Uchimiya H and Oono Y.
Plant Physiol.
160/ 1, 93-105


60 The conserved His144 in the PsbP protein is important for the interaction between the PsbP N-terminus and the Cyt B559 subunit of photosystem II.
Ido K, Kakiuchi S, Uno C, Nishimura T, Fukao Y, Noguchi T, Sato F and Ifuku K.
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61 Regulation of ABCB1/PGP1-catalysed auxin transport by linker phosphorylation.
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62 Protein-Protein Interactions in Plants.
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63 Multi-step assembly of the chloroplast NADH dehydrogenase-like subcomplex A requires several nucleus-encoded proteins.
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64 Identification of 14-3-3 proteins as a target of ATL31 ubiquitin ligase, a regulator of the C/N response in Arabidopsis.
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65 V-ATPase dysfunction under excess zinc inhibits Arabidopsis cell expansion.
Fukao Y and Ferjani A
Plant Signal. Behav.
6/ 9, 1253-1255


66 An srchomology 3 domain-like fold protein forms a ferredoxin-binding site for the chloroplast NADH dehydrogenase-like complex in Arabidopsis.
Yamamoto H, Peng L, Fukao Y and Shikanai T
Plant Cell
23/ 4, 1480-1493


67 iTRAQ analysis reveals mechanisms of growth defects due to excess zinc in Arabidopsis.
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Plant Physiol.
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68 A chaperonin subunit with unique structures is essential for folding of a specific substrate.
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69 Identification of nuclear pore complex components in Arabidopsis thaliana.
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70 Characterization of bacterial-type phosphoenolpyruvate carboxylase expressed in male gametophyte of higher plants.
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71 The pentatricopeptide repeat protein OTP82 is required for RNA editing of plastid ndhB and ndhG transcripts.
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Plant J.
61/ 2, 339-349


72 Threonine at position 306 of the KAT1 potassium channel is essential for channel activity and is a target site for ABA-activated SnRK2/OST1/SnRK2.6 protein kinase.
Sato A., Sato Y., Fukao Y., Fujiwara M., Umezawa T., Shinozaki K., Hibi T., Taniguchi M., Miyake H., Goto DB. and Uozumi N.
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73 Identification of zinc-responsive proteins in the roots of Arabidopsis thaliana using a highly improved method of two-dimensional electrophoresis.
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74 Efficient operation of NAD(P)H dehydrogenase-dependent cyclic electron flow requires the supercomplex formation with photosystem I via minor LHCI in Arabidopsis.
Peng L., Fukao Y., Fujiwara M., Takami T. and Shikanai T.
Plant Cell
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75 Proteome analysis of detergent-resistant membranes (DRMs) associated with OsRac1-mediated innate immunity in rice.
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82 MAIGO2 is involved in exit of seed storage proteins from the endoplasmic reticulum in Arabidopsis thaliana.
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83 MDR-like ABC transporter AtPGP4 is involved in auxin-mediated lateral root and root hair development.
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84 NAI1 gene encodes a basic-helix-loop-helix-type putative transcription factor that regulates the formation of an endoplasmic reticulum-derived structure, the ER body.
Matsushima R., Fukao Y., Nishimura M. and Hara-Nishimura I.
Plant Cell
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85 Novel glyoxysomal protein kinase, GPK1, identified by proteomic analysis of glyoxysomes in etiolated cotyledons of Arabidopsis thaliana.
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