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 ムスラキス   ジョージ  
 MOUSOURAKIS    George   准教授

1983/05  University of Athens  Department of Law  卒業
1986/07  University of Manchester  Graduate school of Law  修士課程  修了
1991/11  University of Edinburgh  Graduate School of Law  博士課程  修了
Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) (1991/11 University of Edinburgh)   Master of Jurisprudence (MJur) (1986/07 University of Manchester)   JD (Juris Doctor) (1983/05 University of Athens)  
2016/04/01-  Ritsumeikan University, Associate Professor
2000/07/01-2015/12/31  University of Auckland, New Zealand, Senior Lecturer/Associate Professor
2007/10/01-2009/03/31  Niigata University, Associate Professor
1997/07/01-2000/06/30  University of Queensland, Australia, Lecturer/Assistant Professor
1992/01/01-1997/06/30  University of Auckland, New Zealand, Lecturer/Assistant Professor
2017-  Institute of Comparative and Transnational Law, Professorial Research Fellow
2016/04-  Ritsumeikan University  Editorial Board, The Ritsumeikan Journal of International Studies
2016/01-  Journal of Modern Science  Scientific Council
2018/01-  Kagoshima University, Research Center for the Pacific Islands  Editorial Board, South Pacific Studies Journal
2007/01-  De La Salle University  Editorial Board, Philosophia, International Journal
2005/04-  Ohio State University, USA  Advisory Board, Ohio State Journal of Criminal Law
European Law Institute, Vienna, Austria  
International Association of Ritsumeikan University  
Law and Political Science Association of Niigata University  
Max Planck Institute for European Legal History  
International Association of Penal Law  
International Association for the Philosophy of Law and Social Philosophy  
Australasian Law Teachers’ Association (ALTA)  
Ancient History Study Group, Kyoto University  
Postgraduate Certificate/University of Salzburg  (2012)    Postgraduate Certificate/ Freie University of Berlin  (1988)    Postgraduate Certificate/ European University Institute  (1989)    Japanese Language Certificate/University of Auckland  (2012)   
History, Methodology and Epistemology of Comparative Law
History of the Civil and Roman Law Tradition
Criminal Justice and Restorative Justice
International Criminal Responsibility
Human rights theory

 Prof. Mousourakis' research areas include epistemology and methodology of comparative law, history of legal traditions, international and comparative criminal law and international human rights. He has authored several works in these fields, which have been published internationally in English and other languages.
Comparative Law; Criminal law; legal history; legal theory; human rights; international law. 
■研究業績一覧  (上位3件までを表示します。一覧表示では、公開対象の全件を表示します。)

See Google Scholar at:
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<https://www.worldcat.org/search?q=mousourakis&qt=results_page>  2019
Comparative Law and Legal Traditions: Contemporary and Historical Perspectives 2019  MOUSOURAKIS, George  Springer, Berlin, Heidelberg and New York  1-330  2019/12  3030282805

Restorative Justice: Domestic and International Perspectives  MOUSOURAKIS George  The Ritsumeikan Journal of International Studies  33/ 1, 55-86  2020/06
Some Uses of the Comparative Law Method in the Practice and Theory of International Law  Mousourakis George  Journal of Law and Politics  52/ 3, 1-33  2020/04
Rethinking the Foundations of International Law : A Philosophical and Jurisprudential Perspective  Mousourakis George  The Ritsumeikan Journal of International Studies  32/ 3, 61-77  2020/02

Wrongdoing, Culpability and the Role of Excuses: A Study in the Philosophy of Criminal Law  Justice, Dignity and the Rule of Law, The 11th East Asian Conference on Philosophy of Law, University of Hong Kong  2018/12/13
Criminal Complicity and Derivative Liability  Themes in Comparative Criminal Law, University of Parma, Department of Penal Sciences  2018/09/12
Comparative Law and the Courts: a Common Law Perspective  Comparative Law and Judicial Practice, Institute of Comparative and Transnational Law  2018/09/07

<https://www.worldcat.org/search?q=mousourakis&qt=results_page>  2019-
See Google Scholar at:
<https://scholar.google.com/scholar?hl=en&as_sdt=0%2C5&q=mousourakis&oq=mous>  2019-


University Of Auckland  Research and Study Fellowship  2014
University of Tsukuba, Graduate School of Social and International Studies  Teaching Fellowship  2013
University of Parma  Foreign Scholar Research Grant  2011

Restorative Justice and Crime Control: International and
Comparative Perspectives  This work outlines the broad philosophy of restorative justice, comments on the differences between restorative justice and other prevailing conceptions of justice, and identifies the constitutive elements necessary for a restorative justice practice. The work also considers contemporary restorative justice processes, presenting information on guiding principles, procedures and goals and identifying concerns that need to be addressed in the development and implementation of such processes.  その他
Comparative Law and the Harmonization of Legal Rules  This research project considers the connection between comparative law and legal integration schemes from the viewpoint of legal history. It is believed that a historical examination of this connection can facilitate the understanding of some of the conceptual and practical challenges that the ongoing tendencies of globalization set for lawyers and jurists.  その他
International Criminal Responsibility  This research examines problems of individual and collective responsibility in the field of international and transnational criminal law. Topics include: conduct and mental elements of crime; legality requirements; justifications and excuses; criminal complicity; preliminary offences.  その他
■教育業績一覧  (上位3件までを表示します。一覧表示では、公開対象の全件を表示します)

2017  International Human Rights  講義
2017  Area Studies (Topics in European History and Culture)
2017  Global Studies Seminar  演習