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 リ   ガンクック   (男)
 李    康國   教授
 Kangkook   LEE

1994  Seoul National University  経済学部  Graduated Economics  卒業
1996  Seoul National University大学院  経済学部  経済学  修士課程  修了
1998  Seoul National University大学院  経済学部  経済学  博士課程  単位取得退学
2004/05  University of Massachusetts大学院  経済学科  経済学  博士課程  修了
修士 (1996 Seoul National University)   博士 (2004/05 Univeristy of Massachusetts)  
1995/03-1996/02  Research Assistant : Seoul National University,
1996/09-1996/12  Lecturer : Seoul City University. Economic Development.
1997/09-1997/12  Lecturer : Sangmyoung University, Economic Development and Political Economy.
1998/01-1998/02  Lecturer : Korea Open University, International Economics.
1998/03-1998/05  Lecturer : Kookmin University, Economics.
1998/04-1998/12  Research Intern, WIDER (World Institute of Development Economics Research), UN university, Finland. (Field of Research : The change of the Korean financial system and the financial crisis)
1999/03-1999/06  Lecturer : Seoul National University, Graduate school of Medical Study, Economics,
2000/09-2001/05  Research Assistant : University of Massachusetts. (Field of Research : The contradiction of neoliberal globalization and analysis on neoliberal restructuring)
2000/09-2002/05  Teaching Assistant : University of Massachusetts, Amherst, U.S.A. Macroeconomics, International Economics.
2001/11-2002/05  Research Assistant:A comparative study of venture capitalists' investment in the U.S. and Korea with professor Zacharakis in Babson College and professor Bahn in National Jinju Industrial University
2002/02-2002/05  Research Assistant : University of Massachusetts. Amherst, MA. U.S.A. (Field of Research : The change of the Korean economic model in the 1990s, with professor Crotty, J.)
2002/09-  Associate Professor : College of Economics, Ritsumeikan University, Japan.
2002/09-  Associate Professor : College of Economics, Ritsumeikan University, Japan. Macroeconomics, Development Economics, International Finance
2009/09-2010/09  Visiting Scholar : Wethearhead East Asian Institute, Columbia University, New York.
Global imbalances and the global finacnial crisis

グローバル化, 経済発展, 所得分配, 貧困, 東アジア 
■研究業績一覧  (上位3件までを表示します。一覧表示では、公開対象の全件を表示します。)

2019 Korean Economy Prediction  Keun Lee et al.  21 Century Books  1-404  2018/11  9788950977863
Globalization, Inequality and Trump, in New Economics Based on Old  Haenam  347-378  2018/03
Global Economic History: A Very Short Introduction  Gyoyu Seoga  1-272  2017/03  9788954644884

The Effect of Minimum Wages on Theenage Employment and School Enrollment in Indonesia  Kang-Kook Lee  The Ritsumeikan Economic Review  68/ 1  2019/04
Income-Led Growth: Theory, Empirical study and the Debate in Korea  Kang-Kook Lee  Fiscal Study  10/ 4, 1-43  2017/12  1976-8362
Changes in Growth and Inequality in Korea: Egalitarian Growth and Its Demise after the 1997 Crisis  Kang-Kook Lee  Journal of Northeast Asian Development  18, 13-28  2016

Income-Led Growth in Korea  Workshop on the Korean economy, King's College London  2019/02/06
Income-Led Growth in Korea: Evaluation and Prospects  EU sponsored seminar, Greenwich University  2018/11/22
Is Inequality Harmful to Innovation and Productivity?: Lessons for Korea  The 9th Asia Future Forum  2018/10/30


研究推進プログラム   科研費獲得推進型     A Study of Rising Inequality and Egalitarian Growth in East Asia   代表   -   2017/04-2018/03   2017   200,000   
研究推進プログラム   科研費獲得推進型     A Study of Income and Wealth Inequality in East Asia: For Equality and Growth   代表   -   2016/06-2017/03   2016   200,000   
研究の国際化推進プログラム   -     A study on Fundamental Determinants of Economic Growth: Focusing on Institutions   代表   -   2015/10-2016/03   2015   200,000   
■教育業績一覧  (上位3件までを表示します。一覧表示では、公開対象の全件を表示します)

2017  Research Seminar Ⅰ  演習
2017  Research Seminar Ⅱ  演習
2017  Special Seminar Ⅰ  演習

大学院経済学研究科博士課程前期課程の英語による国際標準の教育を行う課程「Master's Program in Economic Deveropment」において、MacroeconomicsⅠ、International FinanceⅠ、Asian Economyを講義している。  2003/04-
 I have been studying the effect of globalization extensively for long. Recently, the global economy has changed so fast with more international capital flows and trade flows. This trend, so-called globalization provides a serious challenge as well as opportunity to developing countries. I am studying its implication to growth, distribution and poverty. I have been interested in experiences in East Asian countries. Many of my papers are published in important journals, and I also wrote several books. I was born in Korea and went to Seoul National University. After working in WIDER under the UN, I studied in University of Massachusetts and received Ph.D. there. From October 2002, I joined in Ritsumeikan University. I am mainly teaching foreign graduate students in the MPED program. For further information, please visit my personal homepage.