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 デービス   マイケル ジェームズ   (男)

1989/06  University of Plymouth  Biology of Science  卒業
1993/06  University of Surrey  Post Graduate Certificate of Education  卒業
2003/03  University of Sheffield  Advanced Japanese Studies  修士課程  修了
 University of Southern Queensland  Applied Linguistics  修士課程  修了
Bachelor of Science (1989/06 University of Plymouth)   Master of Arts (2003/03 University of Sheffield)   Master of Applied Linguistics (2011/04 Southern Queensland University)  
2004/04/01-2006/03/31  京都工芸繊維大学 非常勤講師
2005/04/01-2006/03/31  奈良県立医科大学医学部 非常勤講師
2006/04/01-2011/03/31  佛教大学英米学部 常勤講師
2010/04/01-  京都外国語大学外国語学部 非常勤講師
2011/04/01-2013/03/31  京都産業大学外国語学部 常勤講師
PGCE (Postgraduate Certificate in Education)  (1993)    CELTA(Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults)  (2003)   
Researching methods of effective vocabulary acquisition in a second language.
Teaching formulaic language in the classroom to improve second language fluency.
Research teaching methods in Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL)
Incorporating Global Englishes in the ELT classroom
Incorporating CLIL in the ELT classroom

 I am currently teaching a CLIL-based class three times a week to second year students. The content is based on the subject of intercultural communication. Students should be able to improve their speaking, listening, reading, presentation, and writing skills.

By providing language support, students tackle authentic materials and take part in activities using English only in the classroom. Through the use of authentic materials, students are exposed to real English, sometimes from different countries so that they can become used to different Englishes as they are spoken around the world.
■研究業績一覧  (上位3件までを表示します。一覧表示では、公開対象の全件を表示します。)

Handbook of Research on Curriculum Reform Initiatives in English Education  Edited by Christopher Denman & Rahma Al-marooqi  IGI Global  23 - 35  2019  9781522558460

Tools for Researching Vocabulary, Paul Meara, Imma Miralpeix. Multilingual Matters, Bristol (2017). 280pp.  Michael James Davies  System  2017/03  10.1016/j.system.2017.03.013
The Case for Increasing CLIL in Japanese Universities  Michael James Davies  Ritsumeikan Studies in Language and Culture  28/ 3, 195 - 205  2017/01  0915-7816
Revitalizing Dying Languages: A Case Study  Michael James Davies  立命館言語文化研究  26/ 2, 107 - 117  2014/11

■教育業績一覧  (上位3件までを表示します。一覧表示では、公開対象の全件を表示します)

2017  Academic Listening and Study Skills Ⅰ  演習
2017  Academic Listening and Study Skills Ⅱ  演習
2017  TESOL演習(プラクティカム)  演習