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Department of Mechanical Engineering

 Satoshi   KONISHI  Professor

■Concurrent affiliation
Research Organization of Science and Technology   /
The Bio Medical Devices Center
Research Organization of Science and Technology   /
Advanced Micro/Nano System Technology Research Center
Research Organization of Science and Technology   /
Advanced Robotics Research Center
Graduate School of Science and Engineering
Research Organization of Science and Technology   /
SR Center
■Graduate school/University/other
1991  The University of Tokyo  Faculty of Engineering  Department of Electronic Engineering  Graduated
1993  The University of Tokyo  "Graduate School, Division of Engineering"  Master's course, Electric Engineering Major  Completed
1996  The University of Tokyo  "Graduate School, Division of Engineering"  Doctoral course, Electric Engineering Major  Completed
■Academic degrees
Doctor of Engineering (03/1996 The University of Tokyo)  
■Career history
1993-1996  JSPS・Research Fellow DC1
04/1996-03/1999  Lecturer, Ritsumeikan University
04/1999-03/2006  Associate Professor, Ritsumeikan University
2002-2003  Visiting Researcher, Caltech
04/2006-  Professor, Ritsumeikan University
04/2007-  Visiting Professor, Shiga University of Medical Science
2009-2014  Graduate School and Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Kyoto University
04/01/2010-  Director,
Bio Medical Devices research Center,
Ritsumeikan University
2011-2011  Université libre de Bruxelles
(U.L.B.) Visiting Professor
2015-2015  Harvard University Observer
04/2018-03/2019  Vice-Director,
Research Organization of Science and Technology, Ritsumeikan University
04/2019-  Vice-Dean,
Division of Research, Ritsumeikan University
■Committee history
 Sensors and Actuators A : Physical  Editorial Board Member
 Journal of Micromechanics and Microengineering  Editorial Board Member
 IEEE Journal of Microelectromechanical Systems  Editorial Board Member
 Microsystems & Nanoengineering", Nature Publishing Group  Editorial Board Member
 IEEE International Conference of MEMS2007  実行委員長
 IEEE International Conference of MEMS  International Steering Committee Member
 International Conference, Transducers  International Steering Committee Member
■Academic society memberships
The Institute of Electrical Engineers of Japan  
The Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers  
The Japan Society of Applied Physics  
The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers  
■Subject of research
Research on Micro・Nano Mechatoronics
Micro Electro Mechanical Systems
Soft micromachine
Bio hybrid micromachine
Human interface devices and systems
■Research summary
Micromachine, MEMS and their Biomedical applications

 His study is devoted to micromachine and MEMS(microelectromechanical systems) covering broad ranges from fundamental to applied fields. His current research focuses on biomedical MEMS, especially multiscale interfaces in BME.
■Research keywords
Micromachine, MEMS,LOC, Micro mechactoronics Micro robot 
■Research activities   (Even top three results are displayed. In View details, all results for public presentation are displayed.)

ドラッグデリバリーシステム-バイオ医薬品創成に向けた組織、細胞内、核内送達技術の開発-,MEMS技術のDDS分野への応用  小西聡  シーエムシー出版  238-245  06/2018  978-4-7813-1333-7
バイオテクノロジーシリーズ ヘルスケアを支えるバイオ計測・血液一滴で高度な診断が可能となるデスクトップ型血液分析装置  小林大造, 服部浩二, 小西 聡  シーエムシー出版  62-71  03/2016  978-4-7813-1152-4
第2章・第8節「電気的・機械的刺激による細胞培養を成功させる技術」  清水一憲、小西聡  株式会社技術情報協会  288-291  04/2014
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Sliding Contact Using Electroconductive Liquid and Its Application to Low-physical-restriction Micropotentiometer  Satoshi Konishi  Sensors and Materials  31/ 9, 2851-2860  2019
An openable artificial intestinal tract system enables the evaluation of drug absorption in Caco-2 cells through the reduction in thickness of the unstirred water layer  Y. Kono, S. Konishi, T.Fujita  Biological and Pharmaceutical Bulletin 42  5, 840-844  2019
Morphological Transformation between Flat and Tube Structures by Coordinated Motions of Soft Pneumatic Microactuators  S. Konishi, F. Oya  Scientific Reports  9, 14483  2019
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Research presentations
An Effect of a Needle Electrode for the Ohmic Contact
Between an Electrode and Liquid Metal Droplet
in Electrical Switching  The 33rd IEEE International Conference on Micro Electro Mechanical Systems (MEMS 2020)  01/19/2020
多点温度計測とその空間温度分布推定への応用  第36回「センサ・マイクロマシンと応用システム」シンポジウム  11/20/2019
吸着固定機能と薬剤供給・保持機能を備えたフィルム型ドラッグデリバリーデバイス  第36回「センサ・マイクロマシンと応用システム」シンポジウム  11/19/2019
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Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research (KAKENHI)
Link to Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research -KAKENHI-

Competitive grants, etc. (exc. KAKENHI)
イオン液体接点ポテンショメータの研究開発とそのウエアラブル機器への応用  JST 研究成果展開事業 研究成果最適展開支援プログラム(A-STEP)フィージビリティスタディ【FS】ステージ探索タイプ 平成24年度採択課題  11/2012  10/2013  Main representative
セルソーターに装着可能なオンチップ細胞内液抽出技術の開発(分担)  独立行政法人科学技術振興機構・研究成果最適展開支援プログラム(A-STEP)フィージビリティスタディ(FS)ステージ探索タイプ  2011  2011  Joint researcher
バイオメディカル分野への応用を目指したMEMSターボ遠心ポンプの探索(分担)  独立行政法人科学技術振興機構・研究成果最適展開支援プログラム(A-STEP)フィージビリティスタディ(FS)ステージ探索タイプ  2011  2011  Joint researcher
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Achievements of joint / funded research
MEMS技術適用によるナノファイバー用マイクロ紡績ノズルおよび高機能薄型マイクロベルヌーイチャックの開発  08/2010-09/2010  Joint research
バイオセンサー用電極材料の研究  07/2010-03/2011  Commisioned research
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Academic awards
電気学会  第32回「センサ・マイクロマシンと応用システム」シンポジウム 優秀ポスター賞  10/2015
電気学会  第31回「センサ・マイクロマシンと応用システム」シンポジウム 優秀ポスター賞  10/2014
 IEEE EDS Kansai Chapter of the Year Award/IEEE  10/2010
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Intellectual property rights
板状物搬送装置及び非接触搬送ライン  特開平10-139160
気流搬送セル I  特願平10-92590
気流搬送セル II  特願平10-92591
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Courses taught
2017  Exercises of Mechanical Systems 1  Seminar
2017  Thesis  Seminar
2017  Individual Research1  Seminar
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Teaching achievements
豊岡高校模擬講義 さまざまな分野の知恵を結集してつくる小さな機械:マイクロマシンのバイオ・メディカルへの挑戦  06/2014-06/2014
学校の学びとのつながり、英語とのつきあい方などを含めて解説を行った。  07/2010-07/2010
新入生導入科目のマイクロ機械システム工学概論を継続して担当し、小集団教育による学びの動機付けと実践について説いた。特に、演習やプレゼンテーションを盛り込む等の工夫を実施した。  04/2008-
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■Message from researcher
■Research keywords(on a multiple-choice system)
Intelligent mechanics/Mechanical systems
Biomedical engineering/Biomaterial science and engineering
Human interface and interaction
Medical systems