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 Eric W   COOPER

博士(工学) (立命館大学)  
Study of Color and Other Quantitative Design Factors and their Use in Interfaces to Support Designer Creativity

 This research involves several distinct stages: the quantification of human response, the implementation of these models for practical use, and the construction of design support systems. The human factors studied focus on color but include other factors of usability and design sensibility. These factors are difficult to quantify and implement for practical use. They also must be tested as integral parts of support systems designed to assist designer goals without interfering with the creative process.
ヒューマンインタフェース, ソフトインテリジェンス, 感性工学,色彩情報処理, 色彩工学 
■研究業績一覧  (上位3件までを表示します。一覧表示では、公開対象の全件を表示します。)

Procedia Technology
Volume 18, Pages 1-144 (2014)
International workshop on Innovations in Information and Communication Science and Technology  Eric W. Cooper, Tomasz M. Rutkowski, Adam Wierzbicki, Gennady A. Kobzev, Victor V. Kryssanov (Editors)  Elsevier  1-144  2014/12
Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering, Volume 247, Chapter 21, Tracing Malicious Injected Threads Using Alkanet Malware AnalyzerIn  Otsuki, Yuto, Eiji Takimoto, Takehiro Kashiyama, Shoichi Saito, Eric W. Cooper, Koichi Mouri.  2014/04  978-94-007-6818-5
Industrial Applications of Affective Engineering. Chapter 10 - Near-Infrared Spectroscopy (NIRS) Analysis of Emotion when Reading e-Books with Sound Effects  Akira Nagai, Eric W. Cooper, and Katsuari Kamei  Springer  Chapter 10 (10 pages)  2014/04  978-3-319-04797-3

Affect, Personality, and Learning Styles in Online Reading Comprehension  Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Information and Education Technology  Fitra Bachtiar, Eric Cooper, Gunadi Sulistyo, Katsuari Kamei  3  2017  2185-9892
Student Assessment Based on Affective Factors in English Learning Using Fuzzy Inference  International Journal of Affective Engineering  Fitra Bachtiar, Eric Cooper, Gunadi Sulistyo, Katsuari Kamei  15/ 2, 101-108  2016/06
Fuzzy Inference System Based on a Model of Affective-Cognitive Criteria for English Learning Achievement  Information Engineering Express  Fitra Bachtiar, Eric Cooper, Gunadi Sulistyo, Katsuari Kamei  1/ 3, 29-48  2015/06  2185-9892

Fuzzy Inference System based on a Model of Affective-Cognitive Criteria  International Congress on Advanced Applied Informatics  2015/07
Student Assessment Based on Affective-Cognitive Factors Using Fuzzy Membership Function and Fuzzy Rules  International Symposium on Affective Science and Engineering  2015/03
Inference of Emotional States Using Smartphone Sensor Data during Typical Use  International Symposium on Affective Science and Engineering  2015/03

■教育業績一覧  (上位3件までを表示します。一覧表示では、公開対象の全件を表示します)

2016  ICT産業論  講義
2016  ソフトインテリジェンス  講義
2016  ヒューマンコンピュータインタラクション  講義

ヒューマンインタフェースシンポジウム2010,実行委員会  2010/03-2010/10
Super Science Fair Science Zone.  2007/09-2009/11
Class on basic color technology for area high school students.  2007/07-2007/07