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 Kazushige   GOTO  Professor

■Concurrent affiliation
Graduate School of Sport and Health Science
Research Organization of Science and Technology   /
Research Center for Sport and Health Science
■Graduate school/University/other
03/2004  University of Tsukuba  Graduate School, Division of Physical Fitness and Science  Doctoral course  Completed
■Academic degrees
Physical fitness (03/2004 University of Tsukuba)  
■Career history
04/2005-03/2008  日本学術振興会・特別研究員(PD)
04/2008-03/2010  早稲田大学スポーツ科学学術院・助教
04/01/2010-03/31/2017  Faculty of Sport and Health Science,
Ritsumeikan University,
Associate Professor
04/01/2017-  立命館大学スポーツ健康科学部・教授
■Committee history
04/2009-  日本体育学会 庶務幹事
04/2013-  BioMed Research International  Editorial Board
04/2017-  International Journal of Sport and Health Science  Editorial Board
■Academic society memberships
"Japan Society of Physical Education, Health and Sport Sciences"  
Japan Society of Physical Fitness and Sports Medicine  
Japan Society of Exercise and Sports Physiology  
American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM)  
European College of Sports Science (ECSS)  
Japanese Society of Clinical Sports Medicine  
■Licenses and qualifications
柔道参段 取得  (1997)    中学校・高等学校教諭一種免許状(保健体育) 取得  (1999)    中学校教諭一種免許状(保健体育)  (1999)    高等学校教諭一種免許状(保健体育)  (1999)   
■Subject of research
Metabolic and hormonal responses to resistance exercise
Effects of multiple bouts of short exercise on health-related factors
Effects of acute and chronic training under hypoxic condition
Elucidation of Factors Affecting Growth Hormone Secretional Capacity Associated with Physical Exercise
Influence of Sugar Intake Before and During Physical Exercise on Endocrine Response, Inflammatory Cytokine Response and Physical Exercise Performance
Influence of Transient and Long-term Physical Exercise Training on Appestat
■Research summary
Metabolic and endocrine responses and changes in body composition caused by various physical fitness training activities

 I investigate the transient metabolic and endocrine responses caused by various physical fitness training activities (resistance movement, aerobics movement, sprint training etc.), muscle functions (muscle strength and muscle power) and changes in body composition (muscle mass, somatic fat volume, visceral fat area, etc.) due to long-term training, etc. I am using a muscle function measurement (measurement of maximum muscle strength and muscle power) method , anaerobic measurement (measurement of maximum anaerobic power and anaerobic endurance) method, whole body endurance measurement (maximum oxygen intake) method, blood components (measurement of blood glucose, lipid concentration, hormone concentration, inflammatory cytokine concentration and adipocyte-derived physiological substance concentration) method, body composition measurement (measurement of whole body muscle mass by DXA, somatic fat volume and visceral fat area by MRI) method, energy consumption measurement (measurement of carbohydrate oxidation amount at rest and while exercising, lipid oxidation amount and energy consumption amount while sleeping using a metabolic chamber) method, etc. as main research methods. In addition, I am recently considering the influence of various training activities on the intramuscular triglyceride fat mass using proton nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy.
My main subjects at present are as follows: (1) Factors that affect secretion kinetics of anabolic hormones caused by resistance movement, (2) Influence of the aerobic exercise performed intermittently with some breaks on the lipid metabolism and body composition improvement, (3) Influence of the training conducted in the hypoxic environment on the factors of the exercise performance and lifestyle related disease, (4) Influence of supplement intake on recovery from muscle pains and muscle functions after high intensity training, (5) Relationship between sleep, high fat diets intake and metabolic syndrome related factors
■Research keywords
Resistance training, endurance training, hypoxic training, hormone, glucose metabolism, fat metabolism, energy metabolism, metabolic syndrome 
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Effects of Exercise on Appetite-Related Hormonal Regulations
(In: Appetite: Regulation, Use of Stimulants and Cultural and Biological Influences. Ed.Bienertova-Vasku J)  Morishima T, Goto K  Nova Science Publishers, Inc.  123-141  2014
成長ホルモン「ニュー運動生理学Ⅱ」  真興交易医書出版部  283-290  12/2014
筋力や筋パワーを高める体力トレーニング(体力学、中谷敏昭編)  化学同人  160-170  02/2014
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Muscle glycogen content during endurance training under low energy availability.  Kojima C, Ishibashi A, Tanabe Y, Iwayama K, Kamei A, Takahashi H, Goto K.  Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise  In press  2019
Inflammatory, oxidative stress, and angiogenic growth factor responses to repeated-sprint exercise in hypoxia. Frontiers in Physiology.  Kasai N, Kojima C, Sumi D, Ikutomo A, Goto K  Frontiers in Physiology  In press  2019
Muscle oxygenation during repeated double-poling sprint exercise in normobaric hypoxia and normoxia.  Yamaguchi K, Kasai N, Sumi D, Yatsutani H, Girard O, Goto K.  Frontiers in Physiology  In press  2019
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Research presentations
Usefulness of exercise in hypoxia for athletic performance and promotion of health  2016 Global Sport Science Conference  07/13/2016
運動や食事に対する代謝・内分泌動態〜スポーツ健康科学分野における最新研究  ヘルスケアデバイス実装技術研究会第4回公開研究会「スポーツ科学からヘルスケアデバイスへの期待」  06/21/2016
Efficacy of wearing compression garment during exercise and post-exercise  DENMARK-JAPAN SPORTS DAYS  05/12/2016
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Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research (KAKENHI)
Link to Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research -KAKENHI-

Competitive grants, etc. (exc. KAKENHI)
食事の速度は食後の血糖値および食欲調節ホルモン応答と関連するか?  やずや食と健康科学研究所  2011  2012
食後に行う有酸素運動が血糖値の変動に及ぼす影響―連続運動と間欠運動の比較―  財団法人ミズノスポーツ振興会助成金  2010  2010  Main representative
腹部内臓脂肪面積と運動時の脂質代謝および成長ホルモンの分泌動態との関連  中富健康科学振興財団研究助成  2010  2010  Main representative
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Academic awards
 大塚スポーツ医科学賞 奨励賞  09/2010
 日本体育学会 学会賞  09/2004
 地域医療振興・糖尿病学術賞(研究業績表彰)  06/2014
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Research exchange preferred theme
運動時におけるエネルギー代謝、内分泌応答、運動パフォーマンスからみたサプリメント摂取や機能性ウエアの効果判定  様々な運動(筋力トレーニング、有酸素運動、スプリント運動)時における代謝(エネルギー消費量、炭水化物酸化量、脂肪酸化量)、内分泌応答(血中ホルモン濃度の変化)、運動のパフォーマンス(運動時の発揮パワー、運動持続時間など)を指標に、各種サプリメント摂取や機能性ウエアの効果を評価することが可能です。受託研究または共同研究をご希望される企業様はぜひご相談下さい。  Commisioned research,Joint research
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Courses taught
2017  Research in Sport and Health Science I  Seminar
2017  Research in Sport and Health Science II  Seminar
2017  Seminar in Sport and Exercise ScienceⅡ  Seminar
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Teaching achievements
大学院科目「スポーツトレーニング特論」において、グループワークを活用し、準備をした英語論文を題材にしたディスカッションを行った。  04/2018-07/2018
「トレーニング科学」において「コミュニケーションペーパー」を授業時に配布し、授業への感想や質問を受け付けた。特に、質問に関して次回の授業の冒頭で回答することによって、学生との意思疎通を実現した。  04/2018-07/2018
2015年度・2016年度 教養科目基本担当「スポーツのサイエンス」  04/2015-03/2017
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■Research keywords(on a multiple-choice system)
Sports Science
Applied health science