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Department of Electronic and Computer Engineering

 Takeshi   KUMAKI  Associate Professor

■Concurrent affiliation
Research Organization of Science and Technology   /
VLSI Center
■Graduate school/University/other
03/1998  National Defense Academy  Science and Engineering Major  Department of Mathematics and Physics  Graduated
03/2003  National Defense Academy  Graduate School, Division of Science and Engineering  Mathematics and Computer Science Course   Doctoral course first term (Master's)  Completed
12/2006  Hiroshima University  Graduate School of Advanced Sciences of Matter   Department of Semiconductor Electronics and Integration Science   Doctoral course second term (Doctoral)  Completed
■Academic degrees
M.E. (09/2003 National Defense Academy)   Ph.D. (Engineering) (12/2006 Hiroshima University)  
■Career history
03/1998-03/2004  航空自衛隊
04/2004-  広島大学 外国人留学生チューター
04/2004-  広島大学 ナノデバイス・システム研究センター21世紀COEプログラム研究員
04/2005-  広島大学 ティーチング・アシスタント(電気電子計測,電気電子工学実験Ⅲ)
04/2005-  日本学術振興会特別研究員(DC2)
04/2006-  広島大学 ティーチング・アシスタント(電気電子計測,集積回路・プロセス演習)
04/2007-  広島大学 ナノデバイス・システム研究センター 研究員
04/2007-  日本学術振興会科学研究費補助金若手研究(スタートアップ)
06/2008-  広島大学 ナノデバイス・バイオ融合科学研究所研究員
04/2010-03/2013  立命館大学 電子理工学部電子情報デザイン学科助教
04/2013-03/2016  立命館大学 電子理工学部電子情報工学科講師
04/2016-  立命館大学 電子理工学部電子情報工学科准教授 (現在に至る)
■Committee history
01/2011-12/2014  IEEE  IEEE kansai section MDC secretary
04/2013-  信号処理学会  編集委員
04/2014-  電子情報通信学会  関西支部運営委員
04/2014-  東京大学大規模システム設計教育研究センター  協力研究員
01/2015-  IEEE  IEEE kansai section YPs chair
01/2017-  IEEE  IEEE kansai section WIE secretary
■Academic society memberships
The Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers (IEICE)  
The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)  
Research Institute of Signal Processing (RISP)  
■Subject of research
Massive-paralle memory-embedded SIMD matrix processor
Hardware Trojan implementation and its detection circuit
LED illumination-based spy photo prevention system
Hierarchical masked image filtering technology on security-camera privacy protection
Max-plus algebra-based morphological wavelet transform watermarking
Morphological pattern spectrum and block cipher processing based image-manipulation detection
Green smart secure eyes
Flexible Multi-ported content addressable memory
Ternary content addressable memory architecture using LSI variation
Intermittent operation-based sensor node for Bio-logging
Identification of radio fingerprinting by using radio equipment with variation
1/f fluctuation-based LED lighting system for plants growth
■Research summary
Study on LSIs for mobile equipment and its multi-media security application

 ☆Study for the development and application of ultra-parallel SIMD type arithmetic processors.☆
. Develop low power consumption SIMD type arithmetic processor for multimedia processing enabling a maximum of 2,048 data to be processed in parallel, for effective image, encryption, and detection processing studies.

☆ Studies for performance enhancements on associative memory and its application☆
. Propose and develop multiport associated memory to check database in parallel. Multiport associated memories have multiple I/O ports unlike normal associated memories, and is known to achieve high speed network routing.

☆ Development of hardware hacking proof secure LSI to prevent information leaks from Hardware Trojan Horse ☆
In recent years, there are concerns for circuits known as hardware Trojan horse (HTH) that are incorporated by the hands of LSI terrorists becoming a realistic threat. Currently, related studies are being conducted with the US in the center, but is still in its very early stages in Japan. In this study, surveys will be made on related status and research, a verification board shall be developed, to create an HTH that will be incorporated into triple DES and AES encryption circuit to check the damage caused by the invalidation of encryption process and the outflow of the private key. Furthermore, a circuit to monitor operations effectively on an architecture level will be developed.

☆ Development of layered type image masking technology for privacy protection from security cameras

. Many security cameras are installed around us for crime prevention however, personal information such as the face of a person, is being shot without any notice, and the method of their handling largely remains unclear. In this study, the face, etc., of the individual in the shot image is automatically masked by a technology known as HMF developed to protect the information, while allowing the masking to be removed in accordance with the authorization granted to be viewer.

☆ Study for a digital watermarking technology for mobile equipment using morphological wavelet conversion.☆
Digital watermarking is a technology to incorporate information, such as copyrights, etc., into images. This study has developed a method to incorporate information swiftly and safely for mobile equipment based on morphological wavelet conversion. This technology is resistant to compression or cut-out attacks and is possible to process it at high speed.

☆ Study of image falsification detection technology using morphological pattern spectrum☆
Wile digital images are easy to handle, on the other hand, it can be easily falsified by others. This being the case, in many cases, its authenticity is contested in courts. In this study, a technology has been developed to detect minor falsifications while noise and rotation are not judged to be falsifications, and is aimed at closing the gap between falsification detection judged by human beings.

☆ Development of secret photography prevention technology using visual light communications and image sensor.☆
With the spread of mobile phone cameras, secret photography and digital shoplifting is becoming rampant. In this study, jamming technology using visual light communication and image processing is developed to prevent these kinds of damage. This will be used to identify the restricted area and to freely select the restriction functions to achieve much secure photography.

☆ Development of low power consumption sensor node GSSE mounted with infra-red array sensor and image sensor.☆
Mounting of image sensors was difficult for sensor nodes as low power consumption was required. In this study, a drastic reduction in power consumption has been achieved by allowing image to be acquired only when an event is detected by developing an effective person detection method by the addition of an infra-red sensor.
■Research keywords
matrix-processing architecture, SIMD, bit-serial and word-parallel, image processing, JPEG, cipher, cryptography, AES, face detection, Haar-like feature, AdaBoost, speech processing, voice recognition, Hash function, content addressable memory, CAM, cellar automaton, CA, multiport, Routing, FMCAM, Pseudo random number, security, Secure LSI, Hardware Trojan, Anti-hardware hacking LSI, LED, SEI, Plants factory, ultra sonic, bio-logging 
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"超並列SIMD型プロセッサコアMX-1を利用したモルフォロジカルパターンスペクトラムの並列処理について  蔭山享佑, 小出哲士, 熊木武志  電気学会論文誌 (C)  139/ 3, 237-246  03/2019
Morphological methods in image processing for embedded processors  Takeshi Kumaki, Tomohiro Fujita, Takeshi Fujino, and Takeshi Ogura  Journal of Signal Processing  22/ 2, 25-45  03/2018
Hierarchical-masked image filtering for privacy-protection  T. Kumaki and T. Fujino  IEICE Transactions on Information & Systems  E100-D/ 10, 2327-2338  10/2017
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Research presentations
Development of LED illumination-based spy photo-prevention system  IEEE Global Conference on Consumer Electronics (GCCE)  2015
A branch address predictor for reducing the BTB miss by using CAM  IEEE symposium on low-power and high-speed chips (Cool Chips XV)  04/2012
Highly-Parallel AES processing for five confidentiality modes with massive-parallel SIMD matrix processor  Proceedings of Synthesis And System Integration of Mixed Information technologies (SASIMI)  03/2012
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Other research achievements
LED照明とスマホシステムの連携による盗撮防止システムの開発~スマホ等による盗撮被害を防ぐために~  読売テレビ,かんさい情報ネット ten,テレビ朝日,グッド!モーニング,テレビ東京,ワールドビジネスサテライト,トレンドたまご  09/04/2014-11/13/2014
~駅や電車などの公共空間を制御し、スマホ等による盗撮被害を防ぐ~  日本経済新聞,読売新聞,京都新聞,中日新聞,産経新聞,朝日新聞,毎日新聞,日刊工業新聞  09/04/2014-09/05/2014
財団法人丸文研究交流財団国際交流助成  05/2007-
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Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research (KAKENHI)
Link to Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research -KAKENHI-

Achievements of joint / funded research
階層マスク型画像フィルタリング手法を用いたプライバシー保護の強化  04/2014-03/2015  Commisioned research  Main representative
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Academic awards
 第9回LSI IPデザイン・アワード開発奨励賞  05/2007
 第10回LSI IPデザイン・アワード開発奨励賞  04/2008
情報ハインディング及びその評価委員会  3. 第1回電子透かしコンテスト認定方式  09/2012
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Intellectual property rights
プライバシー保護装置  特願2014-043862  日本
盗撮防止装置  特願2014-045362  日本
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Courses taught
2017  Electronic and Computer Engineering Laboratory 2  Laboratory work / Practical experience / Skills practice
2017  Thesis  Seminar
2017  Applied Exercises for Electronic and Computer Eng.  Seminar
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Teaching achievements
担当講義である“電子情報デザイン応用演習”において,講義だけでなく講義に用いるサーバ等のメンテナンスをTAの学生とともに行った.これにより学生との相互交流が図れた.  09/2010-02/2010
また,コミュニケーションペーパを用いて講義時間外でもメール等で交流を図った.  04/2010-07/2010
意見をくれた学生には必ずメール等で返信を行った.  04/2010-07/2010
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■Message from researcher
 Multimedia data processing LSI-system laboratory
■Research keywords(on a multiple-choice system)
Fundamental Informatics
Intelligent Informatics
Electric Power Engineering/Electric Equipment Engineering
Electron device/ Electronic equipment
Communication/ Network engineering
System Engineering
Computer System Network
Perception Information Processing/Intelligent Robotics