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 コガ ブラウズ   スコット   (男)
 Koga-Browes    Scott   准教授
 Scott   Koga-Browes

1991/07  University of London  School of Oriental and African Studies  卒業
2006/10  Sheffield Hallam Univ.  Media Studies  修士課程  修了
2009/10  University of Sheffield  School of East Asian Studies  博士課程  修了
BA(Hons) (1991/07 University of London)   PhD (2009/10 University of Sheffield)  
1991-1993  Tokyo Broadcasting Systems (TBS)
1993-2002  Reuters PLC
2012/04-  Ritsumeikan University,College of International Relations / Associate Professor
Cert. TESOL  (2005)   
"THEME_1"Visual representation of social reality in television news.
The ideology of news production includes claims of 'objectivity' and 'truthfulness'; does a visual semiotic analysis of the images presented by news broadcasters undermine or support these claims?
"THEME_2"Development of visual semiotic theories appropriate to the analysis and understanding of realistic, time-based media such as television news.
Visual semiotic theory, developed in the social semiotics tradition, does not adequately deal with many aspects of meaning-making in time-based visuals, thus more work is needed to extend the ideas behind visual semiotic thinking and to test these ideas against a range of texts/data.
"THEME_3"Japan's mass industry
The context for production of the images I consider is the particular 'regime of production' which obtains within the media-system in Japan.
In order to understand why images take on the form they do, to some extent, it is also necessary to understand the working practices of image-producers and the structures which inform their working activities.
Visual Semiotics of Television News

 My research is aimed at improving the theoretical basis of visual semiotic analyses of time-based visual media, particularly television. My major source of data is the images of television news programs in Japan and the UK though I also attempt to take into account the importance of regimes of production and the 'real-world' nature of producing television news. Thus my research has also extended to working with camera operators and video editors in order to investigate their conceptions of their work and to try to elucidate the unwritten rules which underpin the 'craft' of news camerawork.
Mass media, visual communication, television production, video editing, camerawork, visual semiotics 
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Diversity in Japanese Education (Diversity on a Global 30 ‘World Studies’ Program)  Sense  Chapter 5 (65-81)  2017
"Camera angles in television news: Designed to communicate?" In, Values and Choices in Television Discourse: A View from Both Sides of the Screen  Editors: Piazza,Roberta and Haarman, Louann and Caborn, Anne  Palgrave Macmillan  Chapter 4  2015  9781137478467

Social distance portrayed: television news in Japan and the UK  Scott Koga-Browes  Visual Communication  12/ 1, 71-96  2013
“At the Digital Watershed: Terrestrial Television Broadcasting in Japan  Japanese Studies, Taylor and Francis / Japanese Studies Association of Australia  32/ 1, 445-468  2012/12


学外研究制度   -     Intoroduction to Television in Japan   -   国内   2018/04-2018/09   2018     日本 
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2017  Advanced Seminar  演習
2017  IR-GS301 Advanced Seminar  演習
2017  IR-GS401 Graduation Thesis  演習
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