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 フレンチ   トーマス   (男)
 FRENCH    Thomas W.   准教授
 Thomas W   FRENCH

2005/09  Durham University,  International Relations,  International Relations of East Asia  修了
2010/12  University of Southampton,  History,  History of occupied Japan  修了
Batchelor of Arts (BA Hons.) (2004/09 Royal Holloway, University of London)   Master of Arts (MA) (2005/09 Durham University)   Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) (2010/12 University of Southampton)  
2008/02-2010/02  University of Winchester / Lecturer
2011/04-2012/03  Nagoya University of Foreign Studies / Visiting Lecturer
2012/04/01-  Ritsumeikan University, College of International Relations / Associate Professor
Fellow of the Royal Asiatic Society.  
Fellow of the UK Higher Education Academy.  
Member of the Association of Asian Studies.  
Member of the British Association of Japanese Studies.  
Member of the European Association of Japanese Studies.  
Member of the Economic History Society of Australia and New Zealand.  
Member of the Society of Historians of American Foreign Relations  
Trinity Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (Cert TESOL).  (2002)    Postgraduate Certificate in Advanced Research Skills, Teaching and Learning in Higher Education.  (2009)    Fellow of UK Higher Eductaion Academy (PGCE equivalent).  (2009)   
The Constabulary model: exploring the previous Constabularies in Asia and elsewhere and how they influenced the National Police Reserve.
The character of the National Police Reserve: examining the actual character and nature of the force.
The origins of the SDF: looking at the domestic and international influences on the force.
I currently conduct research on the origins, history, character, role and evolution of Japan's Self Defense Forces, especially the National Police Reserve (1950-1952).

 My work to date has been an empirical study of the history of Japan's National Police Reserve from its creation in July 1950 to its end in October 1952. It is the first ever attempt at a comprehensive and exclusively focused history of the force. The work examines the domestic and international origins of the force, the American Constabulary model upon which it was based, the NPR's character, and its evolution into its successor forces, the National Safety Force and Ground Self-Defense Force.

The study also seeks as its first aim, to demonstrate the Japanese influences on the creation of the force, which are a highly neglected area of the historiography.

The second main aim of this study is to reveal the actual organizational character of the NPR. This is required in a field where there is much debate over the character of the force but hitherto little work based on primary sources.

As the NPR has not yet been the exclusive subject of any academic monograph the study makes important contributions in a number of fields. Despite no detailed analysis having been done to date on the nature and organizational character of the force many assumptions are made about its character. By providing this analysis this study contributes significantly to clarifying many misconceptions currently held about the force.

Alongside these major contributions the study also contains many original elements and approaches to specific historiographical issues and problems.
日米関係, 警察予備隊, 自衛隊,歴史, 国際関係 
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The Economic and Business History of Occupied Japan: New Perspectives  T French (ed)  Routledge  Introduction, Chapter five, editor of volume.  2017/08  9781138195899
National Police Reserve: The Origin of Japan’s Self Defense Forces  Brill / Global Oriental  2014/07  9789004266711
A History Of Japan's National Police Reserve 1950-1952: Army or Constabulary?  University of Southampton  2010/02

Colorized, digitally enhanced photos of postwar Japan bring their subjects to life (Review: "Sengo Nihon no Fuko no Kiroku, GHQ Kameraman Boria ga Totta Nihon no Fukei" (Records of the Reconstruction of Postwar Japan, Japanese Scenes Taken by The GHQ Cameraman Boria))  T French  Japan Today  2019/03
Review: Japanese Reflections on World War II and the American Occupation by Edgar A. Porter and Ran Ying Porter  T French  Canadian Journal of History  53/ 1, 157-158  2018  0008-4107  10.3138/cjh.ach.53.1.rev31
Review: “Toward a More Amicable Asia-Pacific Region, Japan’s Roles.” Edited by Yoneyuki Sugita. Lanham: University Press of America. V+151  Japan Today  2016/08

The Occupation of Japan (1945-1952?) and The Korean War (1950? – 1953)  Seminar “Japan’s First Modern Century, 1868-1968”  2020/03/10
An Unequal Structure? “Layering” the US – Japan Relationship  Joint East Asian Studies Conference 2019  2019/09/05
'National Liberation' in the Service of 'Hegemonism', the Japanese Communist Party’s ‘Military Policy’ of 1950-1956  Asia-Pacific Studies Meeting Workshop  2019/06/09

Television program  Raiders of the Lost Past - Episode 6 : The Lost Sword of the Samurai, World Media Rights, Dec 2012.  2012/12/01-2012/12/25


Old Friends, New Partners: a History of Anglo Japanese Military Relations: 1864-Present  2018/04-2022/03  受託加工・分析  代表

Japanese / East Asian Security
Occupation Studies  Japanese Military
Japanese Arms Industry / Procurement
Occupation of Japan  技術相談,受託研究,共同研究
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2017  Advanced Seminar  演習
2017  IR-GS102 Introductory SeminarⅡ  演習
2017  IR-GS301 Advanced Seminar  演習

【宇治】探求選択A 「国際平和探究」①(スポット講義)   2015/09-2015/09