Specialization Areas : Tourism studies
No. Name Department / Course Title / Position Specialization Areas
1 College of Letters
Area Studies Program
Professor Tourism Studies, Human geography
2 Graduate School of Management
Professor Tourism Studies, Business administration, Management, Accounting
3 College of Economics
Department of Economics
Professor Tourism Studies, Politics, Area studies, Tertiary education
4 College of Gastronomy Management
Department of Gastronomy Management
Professor Area studies, Tourism Studies, Management, Town planning/Architectural planning
5 College of International Relations
Department of International Relations
Associate Professor Cultural anthropology and folklore, Japanese history, Politics, Tourism studies, Area studies
6 College of Social Sciences
Department of Social Sciences
Associate Professor Aesthetics and Art Studies, Sociology, Tourism studies
7 College of Letters
Area Studies Program
Associate Professor Geography, Area studies, Tourism Studies
8 College of Social Sciences
Department of Social Sciences
Assistant Professor History of Asia and Africa, Sociology, Area studies, Tourism studies
9 College of International Relations
American University Ritsumeikan University Joint Degree Program
Assistant Professor Development studies, Global studies, Peacebuilding
10 The Kinugasa Research Organization
Senior Researcher Design and evaluation of sustainable and environmental conscious system, Natural disaster/Disaster prevention science, Area studies, Tourism Studies, Human geography, Cultural anthropology, International relations, Economic policy, Sociology