TOYODA Hidenao
Department / Course College of Pharmaceutical Sciences Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences
Title / Position Professor
Language English
Publication Date 2003
Type Research paper
Peer Review Yes
Title Cellular binding of hepatitis C virus envelope glycoprotein E2 requires cell surface heparan sulfate
Contribution Type Joint Work
Journal J. Biol. Chem.
Volume, Issue, Page 278,41003-41012
Author and coauthor H. Barth, C. Schafer, M.I. Adah, F. Zhang, R.J. Linhardt, H. Toyoda, A. Kinoshita-Toyoda, T. Toida, T.H. Van Kuppevelt, E. Depla, F. Von Weizsacker, H.E. Blum, T.F. Baumert