Department / Course College of Science and Engineering Department of Physical Sciences
Title / Position Professor
Language English
Publication Date 2019/12/16
Type Research paper (scientific journal)
Peer Review Yes
Title The prominent charge-transfer effects of trinuclear complexes with nominally high nickel valences
Contribution Type Joint Work
Journal J. Phys. Commun.
Journal Type Another Country
Volume, Issue, Page 3,125008-1-9
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Author and coauthor K. Yamagami◎, S. Imada, K. Yamanaka, T. Yaji, A. Tanaka, M. Kouno, N. Yoshinari, T. Konno, and A. Sekiyama
Details Recently synthesized Rh-Ni trinuclear complexes hexacoordinated with sulfur ions, 3-aminopropanethiolate (apt) metalloligand [Ni{Rh(apt)3}2](NO3)n (n=2, 3, 4), are found to be chemically interconvertible between the nominal Ni2+ and Ni4+ states. In order to clarify the origins of their interconvertible nature and the stability of such a high oxidation state as the tetravalency from
the physical point of view, we have systematically investigated the local 3d electronic structures of [Ni{Rh(apt)3}2](NO3)n by means of soft x-ray core-level absorption spectroscopy (XAS). Our results imply that the found charge-transfer effects have a key role to realize the interconvertible nature as well as the stability of the high oxidization state of the Ni ions.
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