PRESTON Nathaniel H
Department / Course College of Letters Global Studies Program
Title / Position Professor
言語種別 英語
研究概要 Literature of Inter-Cultural Contact
Analyzing and Translating Japanese Literature

I am fascinated by the moments when writers encounter cultural boundaries. American writers like Mark Twain and Ellen Glasgow, for instance, have imagined or created their own version of "India" when they developed a personal interest in Hinduism and Buddhism. Likewise, novelists who have immigrated to the United States, such as Bharati Mukherjee, or who are the children of immigrants, such as Jhumpa Lahiri, can see the world through a sort of double cultural perspective. And Japanese writers have similarly constructed an "America" or "West" as they confront recent history and literature. These moments of contact between cultures often tell us much about the narrow or facile judgments that are dictated by the author's milieu, but they can also be occasions when authors display a surprising capacity for generosity, insight, and creative vision. Additionally, my own encounter with Japanese literature has sparked an interest in introducing and translating some Japanese authors who have not yet received proper recognition from English-speaking readers.