Department / Course College of International Relations Department of International Relations
Title / Position Associate Professor
Date 2020/06/25
Presentation Theme ‘Silent Sentries’: Writing the British Garrison of Yokohama (1864-1875) back into the History of the Bakumatsu and Early Meiji Eras
Conference Centre for Japanese Studies Seminar
Promoters University of East Anglia
Location University of East Anglia / Online
Conference Type International
Presentation Type Panelist at Symposium/Workshop (Appointed)
Contribution Type Individual
Details The Lion & the Sun: New Perspectives on Anglo-Japanese Military Relations

This symposium forms the first event hosted as part of the UEA supported Japan Society for the Promotion of Science ‘Kakenhi’ project: “Old Friends, New Partners: New Perspectives on Anglo Japanese Military Relations in the Modern Era” led by Thomas French (Ritsumeikan University).

The project examines contemporary and historical peacetime military ties between Japan and the United Kingdom and their various influences and legacies. This symposium covers topics spanning from the Bakumatsu era to the early years of the twentieth century.