Department / Course College of International Relations Department of International Relations
Title / Position Associate Professor
Date 2021/02/05
Presentation Theme British Troops in Japan: 1864 - 1875 – Highlighting ‘The Thin Red Line’ Around Yokohama
Conference Modern Japanese History Workshop
Promoters Tokyo University, Waseda University
Location Online
Conference Type Workshop/Symposium
Presentation Type Panelist at Symposium/Workshop (Applied)
Contribution Type Individual
International coauthorship International coauthorship
Country 日本
Holding period 2021/02/05
Publisher and common publisher Modern Japanese History Workshop - Tokyo
Details Between 1864 and 1875 thousands of British troops resided in a purpose build garrison on the slopes overlooking Yokohama. Despite forming the majority of the permanent foreign community for years and being central to many events and developments during their residence, the history of the garrison has been almost entirely unexamined in English. This paper argues the significance of the British garrison has been underrated within studies of the period and seeks to restore their visibility within the scholarship, alongside highlighting the roles they played in a volatile and dynamic era of Japanese history. A number of fresh interpretations based on hitherto unemployed primary sources are presented in the paper.
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