Department / Course College of Science and Engineering Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering
Title / Position Assistant Professor
言語種別 英語
研究概要 High-performance energy exchange devices and energy harvesting devices

Nowadays, energy and environmental crisis have become a severe problem. Sustainable energy resources are believed to become an effective solution for this issue. We are developing high-performance energy exchange and energy harvesting devices with a focus on sustainable materials and methods. Our group is working on various projects, such as biofuel cells (BFCs) and dye-sensitized solar cells (DSSCs). BFCs are electrochemical systems that utilize bacteria to convert chemical energy directly to electricity. Its operation principle is based on sustainable biological processes. We are developing some exciting BFCs, such as floating type, soil-based type, and hybrid type. Also, DSSCs, which can convert sunlight directly to electricity, are actively developed. We focus on improving high-quality photoanode and counter electrode by synthesizing novel but low-cost materials. Quasi-solid and solid DSSCs are also investigated to improve its practicality. With accumulated knowledge and inventions in the fields, our lab is collaborating with companies to promote the introduction of research results to the market.