Department / Course College of International Relations Department of International Relations
Title / Position Associate Professor
言語種別 英語
研究概要 Male-directed Sexual Violence in conflict;The language of invisibilization
Sexual Harassment in Educational Contexts in Japan
Roger Casement as a discursive event in the Irish Imaginary

In the past, I have focused on masculinism as an oppressive force for women and sexual minority individuals in educational contexts. In the future, I would like to make connections between masculinism and violence, including sexual harassment and sexual violence in areas of conflict.
In 2019, I shall work with two ex-colleagues from another university in Japan to apply for a "Kaken-Hi" grant from the Japanese government. The main objective of the research will be to explore sexual harassment in educational contexts in Japan, with a particular focus on the causes for under-reporting of offenses.
My final research interest concerns a figure from Irish history, Sir Roger Casement, a complex individual who merits trans-disciplinary research: international studies, history, queer studies, Irish studies, and literary exploration.