Marutschke D. Moritz
Department / Course College of Global Liberal Arts Department of Global Liberal Arts
Title / Position Associate Professor
言語種別 英語
研究概要 1. Software Engineering Education in local and distributed teams.
2. Customer satisfaction analysis of e-learning and online course systems.
3. Tracking knowledge propagation in scientific publications by using epidemiological models

1. Challenges in distributed, international teams for software engineering education are investigated. Students from undergraduate and graduate programs in Japan and Germany are surveyed on cultural dimensions and their responses are analyzed before and after the course, as well as compared over several years.
2. Using Kano matrix from customer satisfaction analysis to investigate e-learning and online course systems. Features of online educational systems are categorized and their ex-ante and ex-post change is examined.
3. Finding research trends in scientific publications as well as cultural characteristics in research communities by use of epidemiological models.
Using the same tools to analyze color trends in photo social networks.