Department / Course College of Global Liberal Arts Department of Global Liberal Arts
Title / Position Associate Professor
言語種別 英語
研究概要 On the persistence of Japan’s ‘history problem’ and the international politics of history in the postimperial present

How do we engage with imperial histories in the postimperial and postcolonial present? How should the history of Japan’s past as an imperial power be passed down? Is it only a “lesson for the future generation,” or is it also a way of providing acknowledgment to the war dead in Asia? More broadly, how do we narrate war as we navigate between description and explanation, and how do these choices reveal our relation to the history of wars in the past and the future? Ineluctably my study trespasses disciplinary boundaries between International Relations theory, history of East Asia, and comparative political theory. I have three interrelated research programs: (1) Since the two world wars, nationalism has become a target of deconstruction, yet how do our everyday encounters and search for historical justice reify national identities? (2) What theoretical frameworks can internationalize the politics of history? (3) How can attending to the ambiguous position of Japan as ‘East’ or ‘West’ challenge notions of historical development within International Relations theory?