Department / Course College of Life Sciences Department of Biotechnology
Title / Position Assistant Professor
Language English
Publication Date 2020/06
Type Research paper (scientific journal)
Peer Review Yes
Title Prevention of oral biofilm formation and degradation of biofilm by recombinant α-1,3-glucanases from Streptomyces thermodiastaticus HF3-3
Contribution Type Joint Work
Journal The Journal of General and Applied Microbiology
Volume, Issue, Page 66(5),256-264
Author and coauthor Vipavee Cherdvorapong, Niphawan Panti, Wasana Suyotha, Yuki Tsuchiya, Yosuke Toyotake, Shigekazu Yano, Mamoru Wakayama
DOI 10.2323/jgam.2019.11.003
ISSN 00221260
PMID 32595199