Department / Course Research Organization of Science and Technology
Title / Position Professor
Date 2020/12/09
Presentation Theme Development of Soft Tactile Sensor Using Photoelastic Polyurethane
Conference Type Domestic
Presentation Type Speech (General)
Contribution Type Collaborative
Publisher and common publisher Masahiko MITSUZUKA1),Mizuki FUKUHARA1),Zhongkui WANG1),Yuho KINBARA2),You SUGINO3),Tatsuya MORI3),Isamu NAKAGAWA3),Ikuo KAWAHARA3),Hiroki YANAGIMOTO3),Shingo TANAKA3),Jun TAKARADA3),Yoshiro TAJITSU3),Sadao KAWAMURA1)(1)Ritsumeikan Univ.,2)Mitsui Chemicals,3)Kansai Univ.)
Details A tactile sensor using photoelastic effect has been studied1). The output of this sensor repeated the increase and decrease according to adding to weighting. We develop a new type photoelastic tactile sensor to measure applied force . In this sensor, applied force is obtained directly from sensor output voltage.
This sensor has a double-supported beam structure. When a load is applied from above, a photoelastic urethanesheet (beam) bends down. When the urethane sheet bends, stress is generated inside the urethane. The light incidentfrom the side surface of the urethane is scattered by the photoelastic effect in the place where the stress is generated.The intensity of light scattered is measured by the photodiode installed on the lower surface of the urethane sheet.
The relationship between load and displacement is linear up to 5N. On the other hand, the relationship between sensor output and load is linear up to 2N, but non-linearity appears above 2N.