Department / Course College of Economics Department of Economics
Title / Position Professor
Type Prepared Textbook and Other Teaching Materials
Period 2016/08/31 ~
Item Japan's High-Growth Postwar Period: The Role of Economic Plans
Details Japan experienced a high-growth period from the mid-1950s to the early 1970s. This study explores the economic situation and policy coordination of the period, in particular focusing on the important role of economic plans and their indicative role for both economic policy coordination in the government sector and guideline information supply for the private sector, along with short-term policy coordination and analyses on the economy by annual and monthly economic reports. Some related policies to economic plans, including fiscal policy, monetary policy, and industrial policy, etc., are also included. Additionally, this study not only reveals the Japanese development process but also provides additional benefits for the government authorities and private sector businesspersons in developing countries to help to catch up to the advanced economies.