Department / Course College of Global Liberal Arts Department of Global Liberal Arts
Title / Position Associate Professor
言語種別 英語
研究概要 Relationship between ideologies and political conflict

At the broadest level, my research agenda covers the relationship between ideologies and political conflict. My dissertation analyzes the impact of ideological frameworks on state-building outcomes by focusing on three emergent political formations in 21st-Century Syria and Iraq: Kurdistan-Syria, Kurdistan-Iraq, and the Islamic State. Despite rising to significance within the same time and space, these three formations pursue widely different political projects. My dissertation argues that ideology is the key factor to explain this variance and demonstrates that ideological articulations shape state-building outcomes by leading actors to pursue certain institutions, relations, and practices.
My current project shifts the focus from the effects of ideologies to their formation and rise to prominence. Specifically, I ask: why do certain political orientations – from far-left to far-right – become dominant in a given time and space? Especially in a period of rapid resurgence of authoritarian movements and governments around the globe, this question is more important than ever. I am currently developing a comparative study of Asian and other international cases to offer a comprehensive and multidimensional answer to this question.